The pump system controller MARH

is in sheet steel enclosure for operation of built
1- 6 frequency controlled pumps or pumps 1-4
in mixed operation with adjustable frequency and fixed pumps.

Performance range:

0,75kW – 2,2kW / 1PH 230V 50/60Hz +/- 15%
0,75kW – 355kW / 3PH 400V 50/60Hz +/- 15%


Pressure regulator, pressure switch, Limit switches, Level controller, level switches, Thermostat, temperature switch, Flow regulator, flow regulator, Vacuum regulator, Differential pressure regulators, Fire fighting mode

Option: GSM, GLT-ModBus, outer column

The system is set at the factory.

Transducer and modem not included.

MARH Display